Tell a Friend about (the natural beauty of) Guyana!

Nowadays, when you think of the latest photo & video gear and technology, you think of Drones. They are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world for a number of reasons, and in Guyana, Drone use has substantially increased over the last few years in various industries. Apart from their technical uses, drones can capture the beauty of popular locations from never before seen positions, giving you a whole new perspective on how amazing nature really is.

Enter the Guyana Drone Operators Association (GDOA). The Association was formed out of a Directive from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), and they have done a lot of work over the last two years with regard to drone management, safety and utilization in Guyana. In November 2018, the GDOA launched a series of 11 Postcards depicting 16 different beautiful natural points of interest as seen from above. Postcards are available for purchase from any GDOA Member and a number of businesses in Guyana. For the most current list of availability places from which to purchase, you can send a message to the GDOA Facebook Page or send an email to

How many of the locations depicted have you visited?

At the Benab, we always want to hear from you.

If you've been to any of these places, drop us a line to tell us about your experience there! 

  • Kaieteur Falls
  • Kurupukari Rapids
  • Iwokrama Canopy Walkway
  • Mount Pakarampa, Arau Village
  • Mobai Pond, Karanambu Lodge
  • National Park
  • Coastline at Mon Repos
  • Mainstay Resort
  • Atta Rainforest Lodge
  • Shea Rock
  • Interior Road in Region 9
  • Kamana Village Savannahs
  • Kaikan Village
  • Ireng River
  • Kwatamang
  • Rupununi River


*All Images on this page are courtesy of the GDOA.

NOTE: If you own or operate a Drone in Guyana, you are required to register with the GCAA. Contact the Authority or the GDOA for further detail.