Kindness to Animals Month @ The Benab

With February a few hours away, we want to take a minute and talk about matters of the heart. Apart from Mash of course, February is known as the month of Valentines and weddings and anniversaries, and in the US, there's something called Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb 17). In February though, we want to talk about kindness to animals. Animals are living creatures too, and cruelty should never be tolerated. Guyana's stray animal population feels like it's through the roof - it seems like anywhere you go, there's a stray animal. Some are lucky enough to be taken care of by a community, some do have a home and explore during the day. But the vast majority do not. 

As such, we want to do our part. For every day in February, we'll be sharing an animal-related tip: how to help animals, suggestions to make your home more pet-friendly, or ways to help with animal welfare. We hope you follow along and share & practice these tips, and encourage others to do the same!

We'll also be sticking to our regularly scheduled posts so expect lots of new and unique stories from the Benab in February!