Geocaching: The global treasure hunt you've never heard of

At the Benab, we're all about the thrill of discovery, and Geocaching is something that never disappoints. It is a worldwide GPS based treasure hunt: an outdoor based recreational activity. It is free to play, takes you outdoors, and you can start or end anytime. If it sounds like your thing, read on for some more detail about the game. There are 3,152,879 caches hidden worldwide, and the hunt has been going on since 2000!

How do I play?

To play, all you need is to sign up with, download the app, and find containers (called 'caches' or 'geocaches') that are closest to you. You find the location based on the coordinates and the description of the place. Some logs even have photos to make it easier for you. When you find the cache, sign the logbook (you may have to bring a new pen or pencil), and put it back exactly where you found it for the next player, and then log it as 'found' on the app itself. That's it! On the app, you get to see who else in the world has visited, and whether there are any issues with the app. 

Tell me more.

What is also cool is that sometimes the descriptions of the place include its history, so you may learn something about a place that you've passed dozens of times. If you play in another country, you may discover something that wasn't in any guidebook. Some larger caches contain souvenirs like coins or key chains, and out of courtesy you're expected to leave a souvenir or coin of your own if you plan to take the one that is there. Other caches may have practical items like Ziploc bags and band-aids. Remember that discretion and stealth when searching for a cache is important - you don't want non-cachers to get suspicious or remove the item from its spot!Can you find the cache in this photo?

In some of the more popular cities, you may even come across a fellow Geocacher or two, and sometimes, official Geocaching events are planned so that cachers can meet. For more reasons to love Geocaching, visit the site's most recent blog post.

Sounds pretty foreign. Are there any in Guyana?

Yes, Geocaches actually exist in Guyana! In Georgetown alone, there are 5, with a few more hidden in parts of the interior. These caches are all basic ones, but in other parts of the world, there are other types that require solving a puzzle, taking a photo, and providing information that is at the site itself. 

Note that some of the caches are so small (called nano or micro caches) that they’re about the size of your fingernail. They are never buried and are often magnetic, so make sure you read the descriptions properly. For exactly, can you find the cache in this image?

So who hides the caches? 

Basically, players all over the world hide containers of varying sizes at various locations or points of interest. After they are hidden (the website has a number of non-negotiable rules for hiding a cache), the GPS coordinates are taken and logged on the Geocaching website and the hide is reviewed and approved. 

Do I need to hide a cache in order to play? 

Nope. You aren't required to hide any caches in order to play. 

Ok, enough now. Let me go hunting!

Good luck. Bye!


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