Explore the Essequibo Coast: Historical sites in the Cinderella County


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First off, let's be clear: our cover image has ZERO filter. That's right - that's an all-natural, magical sunrise taken from the Parika-Supenaam Ferry as you visit the Cinderella County.  As we celebrate another holiday in these COVID-19 times, we hope that you are staying home and staying safe. There's nothing stopping you from planning your next trip though, so we'd like to humbly suggest a trip to the Essequibo Coast. If you're a history fan, you can easily stop in at the the 6 sites below and learn more about our Country's fantastic heritage.

1. Aurora Chimney - Aurora

We've compiled a pretty in-depth list of fascinating things about the Chimney, a remnant of the sugar plantation days. Read more about it here!

2. Damon's Cross - La Belle Alliance

Located in the Cemetery in La Belle Alliance, the Cross is visible from the main road. It was a churchyard (Trinity Church) in 1834 and marks the spot where it is believed that Damon assembled with 700 others to protest their inhumane treatment, apprenticeship and the slaughter of their pigs. Damon and his fellow apprentices hoisted a makeshift flag in protest, and was later hanged at the Public Buildings in Georgetown (now Parliament Building), for this "rebellion".

3. Anna Regina High Bridge - Anna Regina

Located obliquely opposite to Damon's Monument in Anna Regina, the High Bridge is another remnant of our Sugar history. Built in 1816, the bridge's unusual height was an element of the existing sluice system that allowed punts to come and go to the Anna Regina Sugar Factory, delivering cargo and collecting sugar to take to Georgetown for export. Bonus? From the High Bridge, you can see the Chimney in the compound of the Caricom Rice Mill, which was previously the Sugar factory. Can you spot it in the second image below? 

4. St. Bartholomew's Church

We've also previously written about the St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church. It was once a coffee logie and its architecture has ties to our days of slavery. Read more here!

5. Damon's Monument - Anna Regina

Damon's Monument is located in the Anna Regina Car Park. The monument is a cast iron statue of Damon, a freedom fighter in Essequibo who was hanged in 1834 in Georgetown for protesting against their inhumane treatment and apprenticeship. The monument was commissioned and unveiled in 1988 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the end of Apprenticeship. The statue was first displayed at the Parliament Building in Georgetown to commemorate where Damon was hanged, and then moved to its permanent location in Anna Regina. The plaque on the monument makes reference to Damon's Cross in La Belle Alliance (see image below & details in #2 in this post).

6. Devonshire Castle Uprising Monument - Devonshire Castle

This Monument is located in Cabbage Dam, Devonshire Castle and commemorates the 5 East Indian workers who were killed in the 1872 Devonshire Uprising. These workers were protesting a number of inhumane conditions such as long hours, ill treatment, abuse, salary deductions. They were shot and killed by Colonial police, and a number of others were injured. 


So there you have it. If we've missed a site, please let us know. Your recommendations are our future adventures!