8 Things you didn't know about your Caramel

How much do you know about one of the most popular chocolates in the world? We've compiled a list of 8 quick facts, including the history of Caramel in Guyana.

Caramel wafers are a snack that feel uniquely Guyanese, but they are well known and  loved throughout the world. At the Benab, we have personally participated in a debate  about the foil vs. plastic wrappers and whether they negatively change your perception  of the taste. Based on its continuing popularity, it clearly hasn't. While there is always  some new disparity between generations about technology, music and food, Caramel  wafers with their iconic red and gold wrappers seem to be universally loved. 

 On that note, we've compiled 8 interesting facts about the Caramel wafers, including   their history in Guyana.

 1. The Caramel wasn't the first product created by Tunnock's - the company started as  a bakery by Thomas Tunnock and the Caramel was created by his son Archie in 1952 after he realized the need for a dessert that had a longer shelf life than cake / baked  goods.

 2. The first shipment of Caramel to Guyana was a small shipment of only 3 pallets in 1968.


 3. The caramel is made with condensed milk, sugar and glucose, which explains its luxurious taste and was once marketed as having an "energy bonus"

4. Caramel was banned in the late 1970s by the Guyana Government (along with other products and sweets), but importation restrictions were relaxed in 1993 after the Economic Recovery Programme was instituted.

5. Over 12,000 cartons are imported to Guyana every year!

6. In 2011, a contestant in a Glasgow beauty pageant wore a dress made out of Caramel wrappers - and won!

7. Many celebrities have declared their love for Caramel in the media - Chris Martin (of Coldplay) and Andie MacDowell for example.

8. There are actually Tunnocks products beyond the classic Caramel we all know and love. There are dark chocolate Caramel bars, teacakes, caramel logs, and even Ice cream! unfortunately, none of these are avilaible in Guyana. If they are, PLEASE contact us!


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