12 things to do while you're at home (that aren't cleaning or learning a language)


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Whether its  Coronavirus or Elections, you may be limiting your time in public and opting to stay at home. Which poses another problem - what should you do to pass the time? Apart from the obvious like deep cleaning your house, learning a language or binge watching a new show or an old favourite, here are some unique and useful ways to pass (and enjoy!) the time.

Apart from the obvious downfalls and hit to business, the silver lining is that that companies and organizations are being forced to get creative with how they connect with people. You have opportunities to connect with places and people that you wouldn't have even considered in the past, and broaden your horizons from your sofa!

1. Enter the Guyana Visions Photography Contest

No need to go out -  you can enter photos that you've taken previously, and selfies are accepted! For more information, click here. The Contest closes on April 17, 2020 so ou have a bit of time to figure out what you want to submit! 

2. Organize your Photos

You know yourselves. Is your phone / desktop bare chaos? Now is the time to clean up those folders and folders of pics (and perhaps enter something in the Visions competition above?)!

3. Visit a Museum from your couch

Not the Guyana Museum, but many popular Museums around the world offer free virtual tours of their exhibits. And these are legitimately popular places - the Vatican Museum the Smithsonian, NASA, the Met, the British Museum. Existing travel bans don't have to stop you! Google Arts and Culture has options at 2500 Museums so there is something for everyone! Martha Stewart picks some of the most popular museums from this list. Check it out here.  4. Enter a Virtual Fitness Challenge

The gym is one of the first places that have felt the absence of people. If you're a gym rat, you might be missing them too. Check out your local gyms online - some have started offering online classes, so that you don't lose your motivation. There are Apps like Fitbit where you can create a fitness challenge with your friends, and a number of sites that have gained popularity like Virtual Conqueror where you sign up for a race that has accompanying video so it fees like you are running through places like the Alps, Grand Canyon, or through the Inca Trail. There is a cost attached to some, but they are minimal and may help give you the push you need to get off the couch!

5. Spend more time with your pets

If you're an involved pet parent, you'll know that one of the hardest things is to say bye to your furry friends when you leave for work in the morning. Being home means more time with them! Take some time and play, or teach them a new trick, or read up on additional ways to care for them. Your pets will be thrilled!

6. Visit a National Park

Ok. We know you can't truly experience nature through a screen, but a number of National parks have opened a virtual tour where you can  different. At the least, it serves as a reminder that if we don't fight harder to protect our planet, this may be the only way that our children may be able to experience nature. This link will direct you to Google Arts and Culture has a fantastic layout with some great options - you can view Fjords, Volcanoes, caverns, and even go underwater! Take a trip here.7. Volunteer online

There are a number of sites that welcome online volunteers. Sites like UN Volunteers connect volunteers with organizations and projects in developing countries that need some help in certain areas, like proofreading, translation or preparation of a business plan. 

8. Update / critically review your CV

You may not necessarily be looking for a new job, but when was the last time you actually did update your CV? Read some job advice sites and then look at your CV critically - spelling, formatting, display of information. Would you hire yourself?

9. Learn something for no reason

Let's be honest. Many of the development courses you do are meant to bolster your career or academic experience. There's nothing wrong with that. It's expected, actually. While that's great, now that you have some time, why not consider a short course on a topic that appeals purely to you and doesn't necessarily advance your career. Astronomy? Medieval literature? Archaeology? Sites like Coursera and Udemy offer courses (some are paid, some are free) on a wide range of topics. Browse and you might just find your own unique passion!

10. Learn to cook a specific dish, or eat with friends

You may know to cook already, but is there a dish that you always wanted to try to make but was very time-intensive? Now you that ingredient in abundance - time! Some popular restaurants offer cooking classes and free videos to help you hone your skills if you're not sure what you want to make, and Pinterest is a valuable resource. We also read about a cool thing to try with your friends - choose a dish and circulate the recipe. Everyone gets a few days to assemble groceries or prep ingredients, and then do a group video call and you each cook your meal - together. You can even sit down to eat together via video call and talk about how well each person's attempt went. Bonding AND a meal!

11. Read about Guyana

There's this great website called TheBenab - they have a number of articles that show you a side of Guyana that you may not have known! Check all stories here.

12. Have Faith

Times are difficult and the future is more uncertain than normal. Many people turn to church in times like these, but social distancing has resulted in the cancellation of large gatherings for safety reasons. However, many Churches are how holding their services via video. Check your local church or a church you've always wanted to visit to see whether you can virtually attend.


That's our list for now but it is no way meant to be exhaustive. Every day, new forms of creativity are popping up - you can virtually visit Disney, see a ballet, listen to an opera, and so many other things - feel free to share some of your discoveries for Part II of our list!